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SOAR provides a safe and educational after-school experience for students in grades 9-12th who are McKinney Vento eligible. Students have the option of participating in optional enrichment clubs and have access to mental health support, showers, washer/dryer, daybeds and lockers.

SOAR Anchor

After School Enrichment Program

SOAR is an After School Hybrid (In-Person + Online) Enrichment Program

  • Arts and Crafts + Games  

  • Fun TikToks & Social Media Mixers

  • Cooking w/Experience Relish 

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Personal Development

  • Mental Health 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Sign Language Lessons (basics)

  • Theater - College Prep Assistance

  • Preparation for Workforce  Development Training/Trade School

  • Tutors & much more 

Life Skills Program Anchor

Life Skills Program

Life Skills Logo.png

This Life Skills Program is 12-week learning initiative geared toward youth ages 17-24 who are experiencing housing instability or have recently found stable housing. 

Youth will learn about:

  • Mental health, sexual health, physical health

  • Workforce & educational development

  • Housing rights & responsibilities

  • Financial literacy 

  • Nutrition

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Hygiene Practices & More

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program is designed to provide youth in Detroit with year-round paid and summer job readiness training and career readiness opportunities.

Program Partners and Facilitators include:

Workforce Development
Blair Memorial Scholarship Anchor

Blair Memorial Scholarship Program


Blair M. Smith was a compassionate, free spirited young man who loved learning.  He served as the founding president of our Youth Development Leadership Council; providing youth focused and centered insight on the development of our Asset Based Resource Center.  He transitioned in 2017 leaving behind a powerful legacy and a charge to us all to dispel myths around mental challenges and remove barriers to success.

Blair Memorial 


Don't miss the opportunity to be the recipient of a $500 scholarship.


The Blair Memorial Scholarship was launched in honor of Blair Mandela, who was a compassionate, free spirited young man who loved learning. He served as the founding president of the Youth Action Board. Blair transitioned in 2017, leaving behind a powerful legacy and a charge to debunk stigma around mental health challenges. The Detroit Phoenix Center tributes Blair and all he embodied through this scholarship program. 


The Blair Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to students who demonstrate academic fortitude and a desire to pursue higher education. Breaking down barriers to higher education is incredibly important to aiding young people realize their full potential and live out their dream.


Eligibility to apply:

  • 2.5 G.P.A

  • Recent high school graduates accepted into an institution of higher learning

  • Currently enrolled in an institution of higher learning (community colleges and trade schools are accepted) 

  • Identify as having lived experienced with homelessness, foster care or the criminal legal system

  • Priority given to Detroit Phoenix Center members & alumni

The Application is now open from May 2nd to May 22nd

For more information please email 

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