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SOAR provides a safe and educational after-school experience for students in grades 9-12th who are McKinney Vento eligible. Students have the option of participating in optional enrichment clubs and have access to mental health support, showers, washer/dryer, daybeds and lockers.

SOAR Anchor

After School Enrichment Program

SOAR is an After School Hybrid (In-Person + Online) Enrichment Program

  • Arts and Crafts + Games  

  • Fun TikToks & Social Media Mixers

  • Cooking w/Experience Relish 

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Personal Development

  • Mental Health 

  • Financial Literacy

  • Sign Language Lessons (basics)

  • Theater - College Prep Assistance

  • Preparation for Workforce  Development Training/Trade School

  • Tutors & much more 

Life Skills Program Anchor

Life Skills Program

Life Skills Logo.png

This Life Skills Program is 12-week learning initiative geared toward youth ages 17-24 who are experiencing housing instability or have recently found stable housing. 

Youth will learn about:

  • Mental health, sexual health, physical health

  • Workforce & educational development

  • Housing rights & responsibilities

  • Financial literacy 

  • Nutrition

  • Interpersonal skills

  • Hygiene Practices & More

Workforce Development

The Workforce Development Program is designed to provide youth in Detroit with year-round paid and summer job readiness training and career readiness opportunities.

Program Partners and Facilitators include: