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Are you a change-maker in your community?

The Young Change Makers Fellowship is a 10-month program that develops leadership and advocacy skills through service learning, immersive learning, and peer-to-peer mentorships.

The Young Change Makers Fellowship is a 10-month program that develops leadership and advocacy skills through service learning, immersive learning, and peer-to-peer mentorships.


The mission of the Trailblazers Youth Action Board is to strive for the elimination of youth homelessness and poverty in our region.


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Youth Homelessness Demonstration Program (YHDP) 

The YAB were integral to key decision-making processes and their own advocates in designing YHDP. They currently meet twice a week for YHDP planning meetings.

Outreach and Program Strategy Meetings

The YAB creates different outreach strategies and oversees recourse programs such as the CAM transition, the NOFO application process, focus groups, COC elections that directly affect youth at risk of homelessness. 

Advocacy Meetings with Rodd Monts

The YAB met with Rodd Monts, the Director of State Policy for School House Connection, to create an advocacy plan to push forward HB 4087; which is a bill that would allow unaccompanied homeless youth the ability to consent to their own medical care and treatment.

Skill Development Workshop 

The YAB met with the University Michigan Poverty Solutions in a virtual workshop to learn how to debunk stereotypes, spread awareness, and create truth statements.

Continuum of Care (COC)

The YAB works with HAND’s Detroit Continuum of Care (CoC) Program to make systemic changes within the city of Detroit to incorporate youth voices and lived experiences to enact better policies that encompass the challenges that homeless Detroit youth face. 

Support and volunteering  

The YAB assisted with the planning and day of coordination of DPC’S MLK Day of service by assisting with the Change Makers Panel, taking in donations, and building out the Resource Zone. 

National Summit on Youth Homelessness

Some of the YAB Senior Youth Members traveled to Washington D.C to attend the 2023 National Summit on Youth Homelessness, to implement new recruitment strategies, advocacy techniques, influence legislation with policy makers on Capitol Hill and meet with other YAB boards across the nation.

YAB Monthly Meetings

The YAB  holds monthly meetings to center advocacy projects and strengthen teamwork and leadership skills 

Meet the YAB Members

Youth leaders commit to an annual retreat, attend monthly meetings, and design a year-long service-learning project that drives community change. 

YAB Impact
Meet the YAB

Program Partners and Facilitators include:




For Young Leaders!

Become a Member

Do you know someone who is passionate about their community and looking to be a part of something where they can create tangible change locally?

Become A Member of The Trailblazers Youth Action Board

YAB member roles & responsibilities:

Co-design Plan’s domestic youth programming and advocacy campaigns focused on young people.

Support the execution of campaigns and youth engagement activities.

Work in partnership with Plan’s internal teams and board of directors to bring young people’s voices and perspectives to various initiatives.

Participate in mandatory monthly virtual meetings and biannual in-person retreats.

Engage in influencing activities with policymakers and major corporations.

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Be a young person, between the ages of 16-24,  who have experienced homelessness in Detroit

Be interested in gender equality, global issues and youth-led advocacy.

Attend mandatory monthly virtual meetings, which often take place in the evening on Eastern Standard/Daylight Time.

Actively participate in the work of YAB and action teams

Complete all tasks and other responsibilities on time

Respect Detroit Phoenix Center Agreement and Group Agreements

Engage with community members to coordinate to end youth homelessness in the Detroit Community


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Receive a Cash Stipend

Transportation Assistance

Travel, Speaking and Leadership Development Opportunities

Make a Difference in YOUR Community

How we work:

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Once selected, YAB members will be invited to a virtual orientation.


The YAB meets every Thursday for a virtual coordination meeting. This meeting is mandatory and usually takes place in the afternoon.

YAB members participate in project committees and work with internal DPC staff on specific projects. Members are also invited to engage in advocacy and program activities with Plan staff, policymakers, partners and donors.

The YAB communicates through a private Slack channel.

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